by 9-Heart // DantesDMG

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�̴̛̒̾ ■ TECHNIQUE ■ �̴̛̒̾ ■ STYLE ■ �̴̛̒̾ ■ FLOW ■ �̴̛̒̾

Those are the three Elements that define CHIPTHRASH for me.
And even if some would say that this definition is wrong - maybe your right. Because Chipthrash is more than just a music genre. It's a lifestyle.
It's the one i practice since i picked up a GameBoy and the one i'll stick to and hold deep in my heart and mind till the very end.

But let's talk about the EP, right?

Started right after the DantesDMG EP and finished over the year 2016, i'm finally ready and also happy to share this tunes with the world - 'cause to me they mean (as you already figured) alot.
I was holding those songs back for far to long, but now has the time come that you hear them. Each and everyone of this tunes tells initself a story, painting a picture from a moment in my life either struggling with it or celebrating it.
Some go even deeper and personal then that.
Just listen and make up your own oppinion.

Hard-Hitting, Heavy, Technical, Smooth, Stylish, Raw and just not your ordinary GameBoyMusic.

Those are the terms i would use to describe this EP sound and the songs, but in the end it dosn't matter.
I would rather hear the description and impressions from all the people that listen to this tunes, 'cause i already spend so much time listen to them over and over again.

So, if you read this and listen to this tunes - Thank you.

And seriously sorry for this wack description, i'm just not good with writing out all those emotions and thoughts i have for this release. I would rather do it with speech.
That means, if you ever find me at any concert or event and want to talk about Chipthrash - Let's share a beer and do that.


released April 17, 2017

Music composed on the Original Nintendo GameBoy using LSDJ 4.8.4 (updated throughout the year 2016 tho) by 9-Heart aka. DantesDMG.

Recorded at KoM Records, Pappenheim by Thomas D.
Thanks for the help again, buddy.

CoverArt by myself.



all rights reserved


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