1. frank angotti is dead
    Hobart, Indiana
  2. Headturama
    Torrance, California
  3. KroyClub
    Torrance, California
  4. 9-Heart // DantesDMG
  5. little-scale
    Adelaide, Australia
  6. Viami
    Los Angeles, California
  7. X0bb
    Los Angeles, California
  8. w_nder
    San Marcos, Texas
  9. st▲rshine
    Toronto, Ontario
  10. Garbage Cannon
    Portland, Oregon


THRASH44 RECØRDS Los Angeles, California

Undergrøund recørd label, family & crew that øriginally førmed in LA but has time passed we have expanded tø all øver the the wørld!

We løve all sørts øf music, sø feel free tø email us yøur tunes!!

•Send tø - T44RECORDS@gmail.com
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